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Resident Information

A guide for tenants living in units owned by Carling Realty Company Ltd. and Merivale Developments Ltd.


Tenants are expected to park in their designated parking spots otherwise your vehicle may be ticketed and/or towed.  For Carling Realty tenants, please be advised that visitor's parking is for visitors only.  For overnight visitors you must REGISTER YOUR VISITOR'S VEHICLE by calling 613-723-0585, otherwise the vehicle may be ticketed and/or towed.  Do not park on the grass, emergency lanes, visitors or in anyone else's parking spot.  If you require an additional parking spot, please call 613-725-3151 for details.   For the rules about street parking, visit

Paying your Rent

Rent is due and payable on or before the first day of each month.  Rent can be paid by personal cheque, money order or by pre-authorized debit (automatic withdrawal). Cheques and money orders must be payable to Carling Realty Co. Ltd., unless you live at 120 Sullivan Avenue, then make cheques and money orders payable to Merivale Developments Ltd.  Make sure your name, address and unit number is included on your cheque or money order.  To arrange pre-authorized debit please contact our office. 

Carling Realty tenants can also pay rent by interac (debit), by appointment, at our office on Carling Avenue or by Interac e-transfer.  From your banking site select Interac e-transfer and send payments to Carling Realty using email Please write your name and address in the message box so that we can identify you.  There is no need for a password, funds will be deposited directly into Carling Realty’s bank account.

Merivale Developments tenants can pay rent by Interac e-transfer by sending payments to Please write your name and address in the message box so that we can identify you.  There is no need for a password, funds will be deposited directly into Merivale Developments bank account.

Community Mailboxes - Townhouses

Community mailboxes are the sole responsibility of Canada Post.  If you have any issues with your mailbox or  the keys, etc. please contact Canada Post directly.  Note, all correspondence from Carling Realty/Merivale Developments will continue to be delivered to your unit mailbox.

Mail Drop Box

Carling Realty tenants

For your convenience, there is a mailbox, marked "Tenant Correspondence", located at our apartment building at 100 Medhurst Drive between the two sets of glass doors at the entrance to the building.  This mailbox is for use by tenants to drop off rent cheques or other correspondence.  Mail at this location is picked up early in the morning (Monday to Friday) and delivered to the main office.

Merivale Developments tenants (120 Sullivan Avenue)

For your convenience there is a mail slot at the onsite office where you can drop off rent payments and other correspondence.  Mail at this location is picked up early in the morning (Monday to Friday) and delivered to the main office.

Tenant Insurance

Carling Realty/Merivale Developments is not responsible for your personal property and we expect you to purchase tenant insurance to protect your belongings from loss.  You may also be held responsible for damages to our property if the damage is the result of carelessness or a wilful act.  Carling Realty/Merivale Developments insurance only covers property owned by Carling Realty/Merivale Developments.

Tenant Charges

If repairs are needed and the damage was caused by you, either wilfully or negligently, the cost of the repairs will be charged to you, this includes any damage caused by other occupants of the unit or your guests.

The following are examples of chargebacks to the tenant.

  • Exterior and interior door repair
  • Drywall repairs and plastering
  • Removal of wallpaper
  • Painting over dark colours or from removal of wallpaper or holes/marked walls or smoke stains
  • Removal of paint from floors, tiles, smoke detectors, switch plates and receptacles, door handles and hardware, ceilings and windows
  • Broken fixtures and handrails
  • Burnt, cut or damaged counter tops
  • Move out repairs (if beyond normal wear and tear)
  • Broken windows and ripped screens
  • Broken fences
  • Garbage removal
  • Lawn and garden repairs e.g. damage from vehicles and/or animals
  • Driveway repairs e.g. oil leaks or fluid from vehicles
  • Damaged or extremely dirty appliances and fixtures (e.g. chipped enamel in sink)
  • Fire and water damage resulting from your actions or negligence
  • Service calls (lock-outs, non-emergency after hours, missed appointments)
  • Lock changes due to lost/stolen keys
  • Blocked toilets/plumbing due to foreign objects

Entry System and Building Security - 100 Medhurst

The 100 Medhurst building has video surveillance and secure access.  Your telephone number is connected to the entry system in the building and allows you to provide remote access to your guests.  To use the entry system your telephone number (local numbers only) needs to be programmed into the system.  Please do not provide access to anyone who is not your invited guest.  Security is everyone's responsibility.

In order to keep the building as safe and secure as possible please follow these simple rules:

  • Do not automatically open the door, even if you think you know who is there.  Ask callers to identify themselves or check the lobby watch channel on your television (Rogers customers channel 988) before letting them in.
  • Never open the front door unless you know the person who wants access
  • Report any strangers wandering around the building or knocking on doors to our office or the superintendent right away.  Salesman and door-to-door canvassers have no right to be in the building without our prior approval
  • Keep your apartment door locked and do not open the door to anyone you do not know and trust
  • Do not prop exit doors and apartment door open.  This is in violation of the fire code.
  • Children must not play in hallways, laundry rooms, elevators or any other common areas.


If you have any furniture, etc. being delivered, please make sure that the delivery truck parks at the rear of the building.  You must notify the superintendent in advance and he will arrange to open the rear entrance and put the elevator on service.  Absolutely no deliveries are permitted through the front entrance.

Underground Parking Garage - 100 Medhurst

For your safety and the safety of others, when exiting the garage please proceed up the ramp to the far end of the driveway and exit through visitor's parking (the second opening on your left).  DO NOT exit through the first opening on your left i.e.. the entrance.

Parking spaces are intended for vehicle parking only.  You are not permitted to store any items in your parking spot.  According to the Ontario Fire Code "combustible materials, other than those for which the location, room or space is designed, shall not be permitted to accumulate….". 


Only electric barbeques are permitted on balconies at 100 Medhurst.  Open flame barbeques (e.g.. gas, charcoal) shall not be used on balconies. 

If you live in a townhouse, you may have a barbeque as long as it is used at least 10 feet from the building and is stored properly when not in use.  You are not permitted to store your barbeque at the front of your unit or in your garage.  Please store your barbeque in your back yard at least 10 feet from the building.

Front & Backyards - Townhouses

In order to maintain an attractive neighbourhood, please do not leave personal items such as bicycles, shovels, toys, garbage bags, picnic tables etc., in your front yard.  Front entrances and lawns must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

Please be advised that according to Ottawa By-law excessive or unacceptable accumulation of materials in yards is not permitted.  Carling Realty/Merivale Developments staff will inspect yards regularly and anyone not adhering to the rules will be reported to By-law.  This will jeopardize your tenancy with us.

Pools - Townhouses

Only small wading pools, no more than 6' in diameter, are permitted and absolutely NO backyard pools are permitted to be filled to a depth of more than 12".   

Please ensure that when your pool is filled, that it is supervised at all times.

Outdoor Taps - Townhouses

Please turn the tap off inside and drain water from the outside tap before winter.  If you are not sure how to do this, please contact our office.  If the tap is not drained, the pipe may burst during the winter.

Basements - Townhouses

Basements in our units are not deemed livable space.  Therefore, you should not use any part of the basement for sleeping.  Basements do not have proper fire exits or ventilation.

We will not take responsibility for property damage due to water, mould or sewage back-up.  If you store items in the basement, place them on shelves away from walls and off concrete floors.  Do not store flammable materials or propane tanks in your basement.


It is your responsibility to keep your home clean and safe.  Take pride in your home and help to keep hallways, laundry rooms and grounds clean and tidy.


Please do not use coarse cleansers on bathtubs, sinks and toilets.  They scratch the surface and make them harder to keep clean.  A liquid or paste cleaner works well and will help to prevent mildew on porcelain and tiles.


Do not put grease in drains.  Store grease/excess cooking oils in an empty jar or metal coffee container and put the sealed container in your garbage.  Grease coats the inside of the drain pipe and eventually plugs it completely.  Hair and coffee grounds also clog drains and should be thrown out with household garbage.  Use a strainer in sinks and tubs to prevent hair and food particles from clogging your drains.  Treating drains with baking soda and vinegar will freshen them and keep them flowing freely.


Please do not throw paper towels, food, garbage or feminine products in the toilet, only toilet paper and what nature provides.  If your toilet is clogged you should use a plunger to try and unblock the toilet before placing a service call.  If our maintenance staff or a contractor is called to your unit to unclog your toilet and the cause is determined to be a foreign object in the toilet and/or pipe, you will be charged.


Regular cleaning will keep your refrigerator in good condition and save energy.  Please do not overstuff your freezer or block vents around the base. 

When cleaning the smooth surfaces of your appliances, use a mild soapy solution.  A paste made of baking soda and water is good for cleaning grease and dirt.  Do not use coarse cleaners because these will damage the surface of appliances.  Use a commercial oven cleaner for your oven.

Furnaces/Hot Water Tanks/Electrical Panel

The area around the furnace, hot water tank and electrical panel must be kept clear of any obstruction at all times (a 3' perimeter).  If a contractor or our maintenance staff needs access they must be able to get access without moving any items. 

Light Bulbs

It is your responsibility to buy and change light bulbs in your unit.  If you require assistance with installation, please contact our office and we will prepare a work order.

Mould Prevention And Cleaning

Moulds grow in moist environments and it is not uncommon to find it growing in bathrooms and around windows. Most household moulds are not cause for concern.  The following recommendations will help to prevent mould and mildew from growing.

Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Turn the bathroom fan on when showering or bathing and turn the stove fan on when cooking.  Allow the fan to run for at least 20 minutes after you are finished showering or bathing.  You can also open the window (if available).  This will reduce moisture that causes mildew and damages drywall.

Preventing Mould and Mildew

  • Keep the home dry
  • Find and report any water leaks
  • Ventilate bathrooms by using exhaust fans or opening a window
  • Turn on the stove fan and/or open the window when cooking
  • Discard clutter and excess stored materials
  • Clean and maintain the home regularly
  • Keep furniture away from walls so air can flow behind it
  • Open curtains and doors into rooms during the day

How to clean mould and mildew

Most mould and mildew is found in bathrooms or around windows.  This should be cleaned regularly with vinegar and water.

Washable surfaces:

  • Scrub with an unscented detergent solution
  • Sponge with a clean, damp rag
  • Dry quickly
  • Vacuum the cleaned area and surroundings

Furnaces - Townhouses & Fireplaces (where applicable)

All gas furnaces and fireplaces should be cleaned and inspected annually and furnace filters should be changed every 2-3 months over the winter season. This will provide a safer and more efficient furnace and fireplace. Also the area around the furnace clear must be kept clear of any items (a 3' perimeter).

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips - Townhouses

One of the most common service requests is for a furnace that does not seem to be working.  Before placing a service call, try these trouble shooting tips:

  • Turn up the thermostat and see if the furnace comes on. 
  • Check that the furnace power switch is turned on.
  • Check that the furnace filter is clean.  Before opening the furnace to check, turn off the furnace power switch.  If needed, replace the furnace filter.  When finished, close the furnace access panel and turn the power switch back on.
  • Check that the pilot light is lit.  If it is not, call maintenance.  Do not attempt to light the pilot light under any circumstances.


Every person who owns a pet must clean up and dispose of any excrement left by their pet on any property, whether public or private.  For townhouse residents this includes your own yard, back and front.

Furthermore please ensure that your pet is on a leash and under your control at all times when outside your unit.

We encourage tenants to report any problems with regards to pets directly to Ottawa By-Law at 613-580-2400. 

For your own safety, we would appreciate it if tenants at 100 Medhurst do not exit the building via the moving room or the garbage room garage doors.  Please exit the building via the main front door or the side doors at the end of the hallways on the ground floor.

Window Safety

REMEMBER THAT WINDOWS AND BALCONIES ARE A SAFETY HAZARD TO CHILDREN AND PETS DUE TO THE RISK OF FALLS.  A baby or child or pet can be killed or seriously injured by falling out of a window or from the balcony of an apartment.

If a child lives in your unit or visits your unit, supervise the child closely at all times, and ensure that there is no furniture near a window or at the edge of a balcony that they can climb up.

Window screens are NOT a safety device.  Window screens will not prevent falls, only a closed window or attention at all times will prevent falls.


Window A/C Units - Townhouses

Tenants are not permitted to install window a/c units without written permission from the Landlord.  Tenants will be held responsible for any damage to the window and/or window frame or any other part of the unit due to the installation of an a/c unit.


We advise parents to caution their children against playing in the parking lots.  As for drivers, please drive slowly in these residential areas.

Also, as a precaution, we would like to suggest securing patio doors with security bars.

Smoking - 100 Medhurst

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building common areas, including the underground parking garage.  If you do smoke please do not discard your butts on the ground, please place them in one of the "butt stops" located across from the front entrance or at the north side door of the building.


Verbal or anonymous complaints cannot be addressed.  All complaints must be submitted in writing and sent to our office.  You should provide as much detail as possible including dates, times, type of disturbance, name and address of offender, how you were affected, etc.

Remember, life in an area where occupants live in close proximity to one another requires consideration and co-operation from all parties.

Other information

Your satisfaction is important to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office and one of our staff will be pleased to assist you.